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NEW Book Series - COMING SOON!

Hi all! It's been so long since I posted on here and so much has happened since I did! Where to start?

Well, I'm living and working full time in England at the moment, and since October I've been on some lovely holidays - Alicante, Malta, Ibiza, Cyprus, Gran Canaria, but I'll come to that in a different post :) Because... this post is about what I've got in store!

I have been CRAZY busy as always lately! All I seem to do is work, have Spanish lessons, and write! I've barely had any time to read, and I hate it, but I'll have to make up for it once my NEW series is published!

Since last year, I've finished a full length contemporary novel, one of the sweetest books I've ever written about two complete opposites. I've also finished four romance novellas, and although they're part of a series they can be read as standalones. The above picture is all of my notes and outlines.

I've been writing and planning this series for so long. I'm hoping they'll be published August time. I'll be giving away lots of goodies on release day, so like my Facebook author page to keep up to date.

So...long nights, (it's almost 3am here now,) planning, researching, getting info and advice from professionals, writing, and having no social life, I can't wait until these books are released. I need a good night out SOON! And a BIG glass of wine.

But then I'll be back on it to continue this series. No rest for the wicked. Thank God for coffee and chocolate, and ready made meals.

Hope you all continue to stay with me on this journey and read my books. Also keep a lookout for the sweet romance novel too, because you will fall IN LOVE with C & T. No spoilers! :D


New series

out now!

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