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My Writing Room.

As part of the weekly blog challenge I'm taking part of, the first topic to discuss is my writing room. I mainly write in my living room, lounging on the sofa (pictured left.) I know some authors write in total silence but I can't. I have to have the TV or music on in the background. Shows or songs can often inspire and help motivate me with my writing.

I'm also surrounded by Buddha's, purely because of what they represent: peace and humanity, living for one another. I also have a good luck elephant, because who couldn't do with a bit of luck? :D

As well as my ornaments, scented candles, and writing stuff, my room wouldn't be complete without a bookshelf. I'm forever buying new books. I read all different genre's. The top shelf is erotic romance, the second shelf my fave Jackie Collins and Danielle Steel, the third shelf holds chick-lit novels and bio's, and the last thriller and mysteries. I also have a ton of books under my bed. Too many books, not enough space!

If I'm not writing in the house, I'm either in the garden at the table, or on a sunlounger. Or even better, I take a notepad, pen and my tablet to the beach and write there.

Anyways, if you're an author and would like to be a part of this BLOG WRITING CHALLENGE, then add this graphic, blog weekly on the topics listed, and use hashtag #LifeBooksWriting


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