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Her Confession coming Aug 30th!

I'm excited to announce that book #2 of The Black Door Trilogy, Her Confession will be released August 30th!

The book is with my editor and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

In other news, I am working on book #3 Their Confession which hopefully will be released in the near future also. Will Gabi and Darion's relationship work, or will two polar opposites realise they cannot give the other want they want? Keep up to date with this series and find out!

I have also been featured in my local newspaper in respect of hitting number #34 in Amazon's bestselling category for erotic romance.

I also completed a couple of other novels a couple of years back, a contemporary romance and a crime-thriller. These stories are with my beta readers and receiving some great feedback so far. I hope to share these with you as soon as possible.

In respect of my personal life, the summer had started and I have been writing, sunbathing, watching series, (sadly almost finished Sons Of Anarchy and Gossip Girl.) I also watched Legend and Tom Hardy played the Krays amazingly well!

I have also created and started an 'author blog challenge' where I will be blogging every week for the rest of the year on certain topics. A lot of authors have got involved which is cool. If you search on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the hashtag #LifeBooksWriting, you can see everyone's posts. My post this week was in respect of my writing room.

I love being surrounded by positivity and good luck vibes, so have Buddha's and an elephant. I also like to read motivational and inspirational books such as The Secret. It's so hard to stay focused sometimes, and life has a way of getting everyone down, so it's important to try and stay upbeat and strong.

I also love to take a notepad and pen to the pool or beach too.

Anyways, if you're an author and would like to take part in this weekly blog challenge, then save this graphic, post each Friday on whichever social media site and use the hashtag #LifeBooksWriting

Hope you all have a great weekend and will update you with my new teasers and book trailer soon!




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