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His Confession PRE-ORDERS up! WIN BOOK SWAG & an eBook!

His Confession, book #1 of The Black Door Trilogy is available on Amazon for pre-order! If you like bad-boy alpha’s, sizzling sex scenes, and dare to enter the dark depths of an unfamiliar world, then you will enjoy this book. Sex, secrets and seduction…..

Meet Gabriella Woods and Darion Milano!!

Here is a little glimpse of the first paragraphs:

Gabi stared at the door, pensive. It was an ordinary black oak door. The gold handle gleamed under the lights of the club and a red glow emanated from the bottom, alluring her to enter. Gabi wasn’t sure whether she found it inviting, or frightening. The door was all that stood in her way, shielding her from the perilous and almost alien world beyond its wooden panel. Gabi knew if she entered, she would defy all boundaries she had ever set for herself. But if she turned and walked the other way, the sleepless nights would continue, curiosities of the unknown would drive her crazy, and worst of all, she would lose him.

She watched as Darion blew out smoke from his cigar, making it swirl around him, obscuring her view for a split second. He leaned back on the velvet sofa, taking in the surroundings of his lavish club, his green eyes glittering in triumph.

“Beyond that door is everything anyone could ever want to be fully satisfied.”

You can order it from:

There is also a BOOK SWAG and eBook giveaways on my Facebook author page!

WIN BOOK SWAG and an eBook of HIS CONFESSION, book 1 of The Black Door Trilogy. Swag includes: 4 bracelets, 6 key-rings, 1 pen, 1 notepad, bookmarks, stickers, postcard teasers & more!



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