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A Day In The Life Of Me & My Writing.

For the past three years, I have been working on several projects: an erotic romance trilogy, a contemporary / drama, and a contemporary romance novel. I write seven days a week, rarely ever having a break. If I do, it’s the odd few hours here and there every other few days, and the occasional night out. I try to write as much as I can, as when I’m not writing, I tend to feel guilty, telling myself that I should be writing. Writing is the best, but sometimes hardest thing, as I can get writers block, where nothing seems to come. Other times, my mind is spinning with so many ideas, and it seems to be the worst just as I want to go to sleep. I’ve had to keep a notepad by my bed to jot stuff down. But, I love writing, and with everything, you get the downfalls.

So, anyway, here is how my day usually goes. I wake up, and instantly make a coffee. I can’t focus unless I’ve had coffee. I then set my laptop up, and firstly check my emails. I manage authors from Booktrope, maintain a book blog, and write articles weekly for my local newspaper, so I need to ensure I have everything up to date. I then either help other authors promote their books, and promote my own online.

Sometimes, the time flies by, and before I know it, it’s 5PM, and I’ve got no writing done. If only there were more hours in the day!

When I do get writing done, I can write anything as little as 500 words, or 3,000 a day, more, if I’m really concentrating. I like to write whilst listening to music. I can’t sit in complete silence. I also can’t do one thing at a time; I always have to be juggling other stuff: checking my social media sites, responding to people etc.

When I’m in writing mode, my diet is the worst. I cook food that is quick and easy. Unhealthy, I know!

I also can’t watch TV series, as they tend to influence my writing style. I’ve had to put Sons Of Anarchy, Gossip Girl and Dexter on hold, even though I’m halfway through them all. I can’t allow Charlie Hunnam’s bad-boy Jax Teller influence me any more lol! I already have enough of him in my work.

In-between writing, I also do the housework, and whatever else needs doing.

When I’m having a really good day, and the sun is shining, I take a notepad to the beach, or sit in a quiet bar overlooking the beach and write there. Those are my better writing days.





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