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Book Boyfriends. Or TV. Or Movies.

OK, so a girl needs a little character inspiration when she's writing a novel. I read a lot, watch TV and movies. Whilst I don't base my characters entirely on others, I do like to have an image in mind of what my characters will look like, and I will use characteristics of men all blended together, from different books, shows, or movies. Sometimes, I create them purely from imagination though.

Do you want to know which characters I'm like, obsessed with at the moment? I know it's a strong word, but I seriously am obsessed with these TV shows at the moment, and I really can't help it. God help me when the series end, I won't know what to do with my life - only joking! I'm way way too busy to ever be in that predicament. LOL.

OK, so my first major celeb-crush is Jax Teller from the series Sons Of Anarchy. Where do I even start? *Picks up jaw* he is BEAUTIFUL! And I did have a crush on Charlie Hunnam way before all this, when he was in Green Street Hooligans. I can totally see why they wanted to cast him as Christian Grey, for the Fifty Shades movie. He would have played the part brilliantly, but he turned it down.

Anyway, I'm drawn to his character in SOA, as he's cool, laid-back, and the sweetest bad-boy you could ever watch. With his tattoo's, Harley, long hair, confident swagger, and that accent, he's just the whole package really. The smirk, the attitude, and the way that he looks after Tara - best TV couple ever!

Here another couple of vids. And for those of you who don't like men with long hair, he cuts it halfway through the series. Does he pull it off? HELL YES. Oh, and he's also British, which shows how brilliant he is at acting and pulling off accents. If you're following me on Twitter, you'll see that I'm always raving about this show. Come talk SOA with me! :)))

The next character that I love is Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) from Gossip Girl, and even when he's being sadistic. That evil smirk! Those dangerous eyes! Gossip Girl is another one of my fave shows. Chuck and Blair are another of my fave on-screen couples. They just fit together perfectly. Chuck Bass is most of the time suited and booted, well, he would be, he's like a millionaire in the show, having inherited his dads hotel. So not only has he got style, but he's got money, and class. And don't you just love it when he says, 'do you know who I am......?' And guess what, even though he plays the part of an American lad, he's also British :D Oh and whilst we're here, I have a major girl-crush on Serena Van Der Woodsen, stunning, and has the BEST wardrobe! And she's married to Ryan Reynolds. No, I'm not jealous at all. Really.

Other characters that I never tire of are Henry 8th in The Tudors, or Mr.Grayson in Dracula, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Even when he's the king, and evil, selfish and conniving, he just does it for me. He has the most smouldering eyes I have ever seen, and that naughty smile. Yummy. He's a great actor, and can be found playing many parts well.

My next favourite character because he's so cute, sweet, caring and all other nice things you can say about a character is Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) in Prison Break. His character is so selfless, in the way that throughout the whole series, he was trying to save his brother, and also be there for Sarah, who he loved. And who doesn't like the body tattoo's - perfection! He looks just as good in a hoody as he does in a suit. And the green eyes, and that cute smile :)

Also, Justin Brescia / Justin Bobby from reality show The Hills. He looks gorgeous whether his hair is long, and he's wearing baggy jeans and combat boots, or whether his hair is slicked back, or short, and he's dressed smart. He had the cool, laid-back attitude, with a hint of naughtiness about him.

As for movies, let's face it, I'd be here all day. LOL! Although I will say that Johnny Depp is one of my faves. Oh and you can't go wrong with Tom Hardy, can you?! And yes, I even liked him in Bronson (I'm weird like that) & Peaky Blinders. Who doesn't love a man that can look just as hot casual (rough & rugged) AND clean shaven, suited & booted. <3

Another movie star that often came across sexy and mysterious was Joaquin Phoenix, especially in Gladiator, and We Own The Night.

Another one is Taylor Kitsch, he was especially hot in Savages, and Chris Hemsworth! Here are my top faves, and they actually look pretty similar!

As for book characters, sorry to disappoint, but there hasn't been any that I've got into. If you can recommend some, let me know!

Which characters do you like? Feel free to share them with me.


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